uno. 21/12/2010

four days till christmas! All i can think about at the moment are models. I wish I was taller just so I could aspire to be one. I know my own body and not wanting to sound like an insecure teenage girl, it's far from perfect. I mean I know that and I accept it. Sure it'd be nice to change it and I would if I got the chance but at the moment I'm fairly comfortable in my own skin. I'm proud of that as well. I'm proud of who I am but I that doesn't stop me from wishing I looked like Jessica Hart or Alessandra Ambrosio, y'know.
I started this blog to document my journey to finding myself. I'm a sixteen year old girl from New Zealand & I'm hardly significant. That's exactly what I want to be though, somebody. Somebody cool with a life with a story and the story starts now. So as of today I weigh 60 kg, I'm 164 cm tall, I have wavy brown hair that just touches my nipples, hazel eyes and five piercings (double lobes & my belly button). It's summer time and that's me, right now. Things will change and you will here about them.

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