.new rosy.

i'm not one of those people who hate themselves.
But I decided that seeing as it's the new year there were a few things i wanted to change.
I just wanna be stress free, I don't want to have to worry about things that just aren't important. Anyway new year's resolution :; NO HATE, NO WORRIES, NO REGRETS!
you like?
& hopefully I can stick to it.
As well as that I wanna try out a lot of new things, keep my mind open so i got...

a Tatt & dyed my hair blonde.
it was a homemade tattoo and my sister Kat did it in her bedroom late one night. The start of many more (;
wanted to know what you guys thought!



morning glory,

so being completely in love with Cristianity right now. Ripped everything, messy hair, day old eyeliner and BLACK BLACK BLACK! Oh and of course we can't forget my un-dying love for all things Bad-Ass! I've collected a few photos (even edited a few of mine) that pretty much sum up my life & loves right now.
Hope you all enjoy & I have to of course credit SaboSkirt for the photos of them I added.
xo rose...

[[rosay beads, skinns, sister love - one of my pictures, mine - me and friends at Stage Challenge, saboskirt steal - lovely crosses, Miley]]



hello hipsters,

this post is dedicated to my one and only most fabulous sexy assed bffl Tanya Burian. Who's birthday is on July the thirteenth, which I can't forget otherwise she'll most probably skin me alive. Anyway she's hot assssss and I love her to bits. I had the best night with her yesterday and thought I'd share a few of the memories with you guys.


you can't not call me a Stud.

So seeing as i'm still 60kg's and the only clothes I can find comfort in are loose fitting tee's and wripped and bleach boyfriend jeans I've been feeding my fashion obsession through accesories. As aposed to my usual need for coat hangers and a bigger waredrobe, I've been scopping the mall for Jewelry boxes and comand hook strips.
Anyway in the last couple of days earings have been my focus, studs in particular. My ear's have three piercings each double lobes, my right helix is pierced and my left tragus is done. And for those of you who don't speak and for those of you who don't speak dodgy back street piercing parlour. The helix is the top bit of your ear and the tragus is the weird lump of skinon the edge of your faces and the centre of your ear.
I love piercigs and including the six in my ears i have eight. I still want two more in my ear and two facial piercings but work prohibits that, frowny face.

I don't see why not?
Okay so maybe not everyone wants to be served by some "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" look alike but shouldn't we accept everyone for who they are. Just like some people are into cardigans, turtle necks and sneakers other are into shoving pieces of metal trhough parts of there body.
Okay and before I go into a huge speech about being who you are and all the bullshit. I had a party the other night and my very very very good friend Tanya came and she told me the most hilarious joke involving a turtle neck.
"Yo mama so bald, when she wears a turtle neck she looks like a deodarant roll on!" I laughed so hard when she told me this one.
It was seriosuly such a good night until the parents came home. :o anyway all over that and now just chilling, working, tanning... becoming me.


"all I can do is be me, whoever that is..."

"all I can do is be me, whoever that is..." Bob Dylan.

my camera is broken. I have rings & shoes & bags & worn down parts of town with character I want to take photos of. Unfortunately I have to wait until after the new year for my camera. How will I cope? I want to live in the brick building above that store. But I think the Chinese store owner below live there... :\ hmmm. Still a girl can dream. These are a few images from Google of Cuba Street, one of my favourite streets in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.
I will hopefully have more of my own photos up shortly.
Speaking of New Years I applied for time off over it because, well quite frankly I don't want to be working I want to be partying till I pass out & I already promised Tanya I would hang out with her. Plus last year was the worst New Years of my life and I don't want a repeat of that. I work at McDonalds :/ I have been scheduled to work over Xmas & Boxing Day. I wish I didn't have to especially because on Christmas I want to be with my family and on Boxing Day it will probably be really busy. On the bright side I am working 17 hours, over the two days, and it's time and a half so rather than my usual 12 hours I'll be getting 18. Now I'm know mathematition but I know that equals a lot. I wish I didn't have to work there though. I don't think it's McDonalds itself, probably just any job in general, but then again I hate the bosses and I hate the customers and I hate the food. I hate thinking negatively though, some of the bosses are lovely and I love the people I work with they're fun & funny & cute. And I love having money for once and being able to go into shops and know I could afford whatever I wanted in there. And buying my family good presents this year make's my heart happy & shouting my friends lunch & & yes... having this job is good!
I just have to constantly focus on the positives I think. It's Wednesday, and I have work tomorrow from 4-11pm I'm hanging out with friends today & then friends tomorrow as well. And another positive is I'm getting paid tomorrow for all the hours I worked last week which was a lot and seeing as I'm not working Friday I'll be able to buy xmas present and maybe a few things for me to make my self feel better.


uno. 21/12/2010

four days till christmas! All i can think about at the moment are models. I wish I was taller just so I could aspire to be one. I know my own body and not wanting to sound like an insecure teenage girl, it's far from perfect. I mean I know that and I accept it. Sure it'd be nice to change it and I would if I got the chance but at the moment I'm fairly comfortable in my own skin. I'm proud of that as well. I'm proud of who I am but I that doesn't stop me from wishing I looked like Jessica Hart or Alessandra Ambrosio, y'know.
I started this blog to document my journey to finding myself. I'm a sixteen year old girl from New Zealand & I'm hardly significant. That's exactly what I want to be though, somebody. Somebody cool with a life with a story and the story starts now. So as of today I weigh 60 kg, I'm 164 cm tall, I have wavy brown hair that just touches my nipples, hazel eyes and five piercings (double lobes & my belly button). It's summer time and that's me, right now. Things will change and you will here about them.