you can't not call me a Stud.

So seeing as i'm still 60kg's and the only clothes I can find comfort in are loose fitting tee's and wripped and bleach boyfriend jeans I've been feeding my fashion obsession through accesories. As aposed to my usual need for coat hangers and a bigger waredrobe, I've been scopping the mall for Jewelry boxes and comand hook strips.
Anyway in the last couple of days earings have been my focus, studs in particular. My ear's have three piercings each double lobes, my right helix is pierced and my left tragus is done. And for those of you who don't speak and for those of you who don't speak dodgy back street piercing parlour. The helix is the top bit of your ear and the tragus is the weird lump of skinon the edge of your faces and the centre of your ear.
I love piercigs and including the six in my ears i have eight. I still want two more in my ear and two facial piercings but work prohibits that, frowny face.

I don't see why not?
Okay so maybe not everyone wants to be served by some "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" look alike but shouldn't we accept everyone for who they are. Just like some people are into cardigans, turtle necks and sneakers other are into shoving pieces of metal trhough parts of there body.
Okay and before I go into a huge speech about being who you are and all the bullshit. I had a party the other night and my very very very good friend Tanya came and she told me the most hilarious joke involving a turtle neck.
"Yo mama so bald, when she wears a turtle neck she looks like a deodarant roll on!" I laughed so hard when she told me this one.
It was seriosuly such a good night until the parents came home. :o anyway all over that and now just chilling, working, tanning... becoming me.


WeAreTheCrowd said...

I defiantly think you should be able to wear piercings without getting criticized. I personally have a few myself on my ears and I am hoping to get my nose done too! :)

Sian xx

Rose&Coco said...

ROSE! i effn love your cross earrings! crap i'm obsessed with crosses. my collection consists of my necklace with the two crosses, my bracelets with all the crosses, and i just made two cross rings. gotta love spotlight :) hmmmmmm. LOVEYOU. xo